Oxygen Jet Peel

Oxygen Jet Peel Skin Rejuvenation- for hydrated, refreshed skin!

Oxygen Jet Peel

Five reasons you need to exfoliate your skin on regular basis:

#1 – Reduce acne outbreaks

#2 – Improve your skin tone

#3 – Helps skin care products to penetrate deeper in your skin

#4 – Advances your skin texture

#5 – Reduce signs of aging

1. Exfoliate: Through the use of pressurized water, micro-droplets gently and scrub the skin and deliver nutrients and moisture without the use of any needles.

Benefits: This exfoliation can be used on all skin types and various skin conditions to hydrate and promote overall skin health and wellness by removing dead skin cells and stimulating growth of new cells.

2. Bio Wrinkle: The bio wrinkle treatment uses a hand piece specifically designed to dispel wrinkles and treat fine lines on the face.

Benefits: By nursing these lines, the bio wrinkle visibly reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles to create an even skin tone and texture.

3. High Pressure Oxygen Injection: By using high pressure to penetrate the layers of the skin, the oxygen and nutrients can be absorbed more efficiently and produce greater effects during this painless procedure without the use of needles.
Benefits: Through the use of high pressure, oxygen can be delivered into the layers of the skin, the epidermis, and treat signs and symptoms of under oxygenation such as darkness, wrinkles, sagginess and more.

4. Oxygen Spray: the oxygen spray treatment uses oxygen, along with concentrated infusions, to massage the skin creating a more radiate and vibrant skin tone. Skin, just like other vital organs of the body, need oxygen in order to be healthy and carry out daily metabolic functions.
Benefits: This therapy can be beneficial to treat a variety of skin conditions, including but not limited to pruritus, sensitive skin issues, contact dermatitis, eczema, whelk, and the like.

5. Pure Oxygen Inhalation Mask: during this step of skin rejuvenation, an oxygen mask is placed gently on the face, allowing pure oxygen to enter into your respiratory system and body while you relax and breathe in soothing fragrances.

Benefits: This treatment has a global effect on the body, penetrating the respiratory, nervous, digestive, blood and skin systems and increasing system functions and circulation. The overall result is treatment of various system conditions such as rhinitis, insomnia, migraines, leucopenia, wound-concrescence promotion, strengthened immunity, skin tightening, increased blood circulation and metabolism.

6. Lymph Drainage Detox: By using suction and rhythmic movements, this treatment promotes the drainage of lymph from the lymphatic system. These rhythmic repetitions also increase blood circulation of the face and neck, allowing oxygen rich blood to enter the skin and provide nutrients.

Benefits: The increase in drainage from the lymphatic system helps to remove toxins and impurities to create healthy vibrant skin. The inflow of oxygen rich blood rejuvenates skin health and works to decrease the signs and symptoms of aging skin.
The overall benefits resulting from these treatments include:

-Skin rejuvenation
-Deep skin cleaning
-Treatment of acne
-Wrinkle removal
-Skin conditions such as eczema and more

Through the use of oxygenation and increased blood circulation, signs and symptoms of aging can be eliminated as well as conditions involving insomnia and migraines controlled.

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