Medical micro-needling uses a pen like device embedded with very fine needles. This pen is then slid across the surface of the skin to stimulate skin cells and break down old scar tissues


How it works

Micro-needling penetrates the superficial layers of the skin to create tiny, microscopic scrapes. Through the use of this scraping, the body responds by creating new collagen and elastic fibers, creating plump skin and reducing the appearance of scars, fine lines, and wrinkles.


 Benefits of Micro-needling


Some of the benefits micro-needling can have on the skin include:

-Improved skin texture

-Reduction of fine lines and wrinkles

-Stimulates tissue regeneration

-Reduce appearance of scars, especially acne scars

-Decreases pore size

-Improves the appearance of stretch marks

-Increases skin circulation and collagen production


Potential Side Effects

There are virtually no side effects from micro-needling and post op infections are extremely unlikely.



-Is the procedure painful? Before the procedure is performed, numbing cream is applied to the face, allowing minimal sensation to be felt and the procedure to be virtually painless.

-Can micro-needling be performed on my skin tone? Yes, micro-needling is safe to use on all skin types and skin colors.

-How many treatments do I need? The number of treatments depends on the patients skin response and desired outcome from micro-needling. Results can typically be seen after the very first appointment.

-How often can procedures be repeated? This treatment can be safely repeated every 4-6 weeks.

-What should I do after my treatment to protect my skin? For approximately 2-3 days, you want to avoid the use of any glycolic acid, retinol, or acidic ingredients on the skin. Sun exposure should be avoided and sunscreen should be applied liberally.


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