No Interest Financing Available!*


DermaFashion and CareCredit have teamed up to make your life easeir. DermaFashion offers deferred interest financing option for the treatments that cost more than $500.  This option allows you to receive your treatments now and pay no interest if the total amount is paid within 6 months or 1 year at equal monthly installments. Best part is there is no interest for up to 12 months!

This deferred interest financing program is offered through CarCredit.  Visit the CareCredit website to fill out the required application and get started with your treatments today!   With special financing options for health and beauty, the CareCredit healthcare credit card helps to make costly procedures and treatments more manageable with promotional financing options!


To start your application, visit and go through the following steps:

  1. Click on ‘Apply Now’
  2. Under ‘select a doctor by name, write “DermaFashion”
  3. Click on ‘Find Provider’ when you see the DermaFashion Medical Spa name and address
  4. Click on ‘Apply’ and fill out the easy application.



  • CareCredit is a credit card for medical related issues
  • CareCredit is not an in-house credit program
  • CareCredit is not an interest free credit card and full interest will be added to your account if total balance is not fully paid within the pre-determined period (6 moths or 1 year).
  • CareCredit may not be used with any promotional offer or discounts

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