Brilliant Distinctions™



If you’re a patient who frequently uses Allergan services such as Botox Cosmetic, Juvederm, etc. or Allergan products such as Latisse, then Brilliant Distinctions is the program for you! Every time you use our services or products, you will collect points that can eventually be converted into a dollar amount that can be used towards more services and products.

For example, every Botox appointment will earn you 200 points, which can be converted into a $20 coupon that can be used towards your next Botox appointment.

The program only requires registration, and you can start saving right away.

Brilliant Distinctions is an excellent way to keep track of your relationship with Allergan and get something back from it as well!


                       Point System



Botox Cosmetic 200
Juvederm Ultra Plus (per syringe) 200
Juvederm Voluma (per syringe) 200
Latisse 3 ML 100
Latisee 5 ML 150


                      Point Values

100 $10
200 $20
300 $30
400 $40
500 $50
600 $60
   Etc…..      Etc……


Savings for future visits are at your fingertips! Take advantage of the Brilliant Distinctions program today!


Please visit for more information


To make an account,

  • Visit and click “Register”
  • Follow the enrollment process
  • Once you have completed the enrollment process, you will be assigned a Member ID that should be about eight numbers/characters long – save this ID so that we can access your account and issue you points!
  • Constantly check your account to see if you are able to make coupons or take advantage of promotions
  • Enjoy!


To make coupons,

  • Log into your Brilliant Distinctions account
  • Click “Redeem Points”
  • Follow the coupon creation process
  • Bring your newly made coupon and coupon code in to be redeemed